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Calculating leaks in rotary machineradial slot seals. part 3. method for calculating leakstaking account of the inlet section

  • V. A. Melnik
Compressors, pumps, and pipeline fittings

A method is proposed for calculating leaks in the channels of radial slot seals based on considering the length of the inlet section of a slot seal channel. A calculation method is substantiated and provided for calculating the length of the inlet section of a slot seal channel. Recommendations are given for the choice of slot seal channel length in relation to the size of its radial slot. It is shown that this method, based on processing a considerable amount of experimental material, is quite accurate, simple and convenient for the use in design practice.


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  • V. A. Melnik
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  1. 1.VIGO SMIT CompanyMoscowRussia

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