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Editor’s note January 2015

Dear reader,

In this first issue of the year, we would like to thank again all the reviewers who have put so much effort in reviewing all of the manuscripts. In 2014, a total of 645 reviewers participated in the review process, and our journal continues to be selective about the number of manuscripts published. For many authors, it is of course disappointing when their manuscripts are rejected, but at the same time, they can learn from the critiques that are provided by the reviewers, so that the text can be further improved. We are really very thankful for all the hard work that the reviewers put into the review process. There is an enormous time pressure on all of our reviewers to do this work in addition to their regular research and clinical activities. Below there are two lists: (1) the reviewers who completed at least four reviews in 2014, with Leo Baur, MD, again the absolute “winner” (thank you so much Leo); and (2) the names of the remaining...

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