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A highly integrated 565 optical fibre system

  • R. M. Brooks
  • P. Cochrane
  • L. Bickers
  • G. Blau
  • G. P. Coombs
  • R. Davies
  • R. Dawes
  • I. Hawker
  • G. Hilton
  • A. Stevenson
  • S. Whitt
A diet rich in fibre


This paper describes a 565 Mbit/s optical fibre system, developed by British Telecom Research Laboratories in association with Fulcrum Communications Ltd, which incorporates advanced integrated circuit (IC) technology and offers repeater spacings in excess of 40 km. An outline of the IC architecture and system design is presented together with the thermal management techniques adopted. Finally, a description is given of the results of a field trial of the system over a 77 km route between Birmingham and Derby.


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  • R. M. Brooks
  • P. Cochrane
  • L. Bickers
  • G. Blau
  • G. P. Coombs
  • R. Davies
  • R. Dawes
  • I. Hawker
  • G. Hilton
  • A. Stevenson
  • S. Whitt

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