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, Volume 25, Issue 1, pp 128–140 | Cite as

Using assurance models to aid the risk and governance life cycle

  • A. Baldwin
  • Y. Beres
  • S. Shiu


In this paper we describe an enterprise assurance model allowing many layers of the enterprise architecture, from the business processes, supporting applications and the IT infrastructure and operational processes, to be represented and related from a control and risk perspective. This provides a consistent way of capturing and relating the risk views for the various stakeholders within the organisation. At the lower level we use assurance models to provide automated testing of controls and policies, and at the higher level these results are related across the enterprise architecture. This enables a repository for manual and automated test results that can be used to derive different (but consistent) views for the various stakeholders.


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  • A. Baldwin
  • Y. Beres
  • S. Shiu

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