Boundary-Layer Meteorology

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Sensitivity Tests of an Energy Balance Model to Choice of Stability Functions and Measurement Accuracy

  • Françoise Gellens-Meulenberghs


Sensible (H) and latent (L v E) heat fluxes are obtained by a combined energy budget – similarity model applied to observations from Melle in Belgium and Cabauw in The Netherlands. The sensitivity to both the stability functions and the accuracy of input data is investigated. In a first step, fluxes are calculated for a selection of stability functions and compared to values obtained with pre-defined (reference) functions. For the diurnal fluxes higher than 10 W m−2 in 1996 at Melle, the root-mean-square rmsreaches 9 W m−2 for H and 6 W m−2 for L v E, depending on the chosen functions. A lesser sensitivity is obtained at Cabauw and can be explained by lower absolute values of the stability parameter ζ (L involving the Obukhov length) mainly induced by higher mean wind speeds. Different stability bins are also considered. It is concluded that a more accurate assessment of the stability functions is already desirable for absolute values of L above a few metres. These values are not so scarce at Melle and should be captured in the future by an increasing number of new developing long-term measurement stations. In a second step, a statistical approach is proposed with errors depicted by both systematic biases and random fluctuations represented by means of Gaussian distributions. The results show that very accurate measurements are needed in order to maintain the mean annual value of the bias and rms below 5–10 W m−2, and thus to allow the discrimination between the sensitivity to errors on input data and to the stability functions selection.


Monin–Obukhov similarity theory Profile method Sensible and latent heat fluxes Sensitivity test Stability functions Surface layer. 


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