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A new phosphothreonine lyase electrochemical immunosensor for detecting Salmonella based on horseradish peroxidase/GNPs-thionine/chitosan



In the current study, a novel double-layer gold nanoparticles- electrochemical immunosensor electrode (DGN-EIE) immobilized with Salmonella plasmid virulence C (SpvC) antibody was developed. To increase the fixed quantity of antibodies and electrochemical signal, an electrochemical biosensing signal amplification system was utilized with gold nanoparticles-thionine-chitosan absorbing horseradish peroxidase (HRP). In addition, the SpvC monoclonal antibodies (derived from Balb/c mice) were prepared and screened with a high affinity to SpvC. To evaluate the quality of DGN-EIE, the amperometric I-t curve method was applied to determine Salmonella in PBS. The results showed that the response current had a good linear correlation with the bacterial quantity ranged from 1.0 × 101–5.0 × 104 cfu/mL. The lowest detection limit was found at 5 cfu/mL. Furthermore, the proposed immunosensor has been demonstrated with high sensitivity, good selectivity and reproducibility. Apparently, DGN-EIE may be a very useful tool for monitoring the bacteria.


Phosphothreonine lyase Salmonella Electrochemical immunosensor Salmonella plasmid virulence C 



The work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 31671857 and No. 31371773). In addition, we appreciate Shao-Feng lab for supplying SpvC recombinant plasmid.

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  1. 1.Biotechnology & Food Science CollegeTianjin University of CommerceTianjinChina
  2. 2.Tianjin Key Laboratory of Food BiotechnologyTianjinChina

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