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Protein Arrays in Functional Genome Research

  • Christian Maercker


Whole-genome analyses become more and more necessary for pharmaceutical research. DNA chip hybridizations are an important tool for monitoring gene expression profiles during diseases or medical treatment. However, drug target identification and validation as well as an increasing number of antibodies and other polypeptides tested as potential drugs produce an increasing demand for genome-wide functional assays. Protein arrays are an important step into this direction. Peptide arrays and protein expression libraries are useful for the identification of antibodies and for epitope mapping. Antibody arrays allow protein quantification, protein binding studies, and protein phosphorylation assays. Tissue micro-arrays give a detailed information about the localization of macromolecules. More complex interactions can be addressed in cells spotted in array format. Finally, microfluidics chips enable us to describe the communication between cells in a tissue. In this review, possibilities, limitations and chances of different protein array techniques are discussed.


Protein chips antibody chips peptide arrays microfluidics functional genome analysis protein binding protein phosphorylation 



comparative genomic hybridization


a certified product for in vitro diagnostics according to CE directive of the EU (“Communautes Européennes”)


chromatin immunoprecipitation


green fluorescent protein


microelectrode arrays


RNA interference


single nucleotide polymorphism


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