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Ichthyofaunal survey of rivers within Ewekoro cement manufacturing operational areas

  • Victor F. Olaleye


A total of 298 fish specimens belonging to seven families were caught during ichthyoplanktonic survey of three rivers within the Ewekoro cement facility catchment area located in southwestern Nigeria. The highest numbers of specimens were caught from Alaguntan (37.0%) and Elebute (36.6%) rivers while 28.9% of the fish samples were collected from Itori River. The fish population and species diversity recorded in the catchment rivers were significantly lower (p < 0.05) than comparative catches from Ewekoro River located about 30 km downstream of the factory operational area. The food items ingested by the specimens across the seasons in the catchment rivers revealed obvious differences in diet with some degree of overlap in the fish trophic preferences. However, the omnivorous species dominated the catches in each of the rivers, irrespective of season. Categorization of the fish specimens based on habitat-related adaptive physiology showed that a significant number of the fish from Alaguntan and Itori Rivers have accessory respiratory organs. The four species with accessory respiratory organs were Polypterus senegalus Curv., Clarias gariepinus C. & V., Ctenopoma kingslayae Gun. and Channa obscura Smith. Of the 12 fish species recorded in the Ewekoro cement facility catchment rivers, only P. senegalus, C. gariepinus, C. obscura and Oreochromis niloticus (Trew.) are valuable food fishes in southwestern Nigeria.


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