Biological Invasions

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Montserrat Vilà and Philip E. Hulme (eds): Impact of biological invasions on ecosystem services

12th Volume in the Springer Series in Invasion Ecology
  • Elena M. Bennett
Book Review

Biological invasions are known to be a major threat to native biodiversity, and there have been many studies about the impact of invasions on ecological function. However, little of that work has extended from changes in function to changes in the benefits people obtain from ecosystems, otherwise known as ecosystem services. This important new book does just that.

A brief introduction written by the editors that lays out the objectives of the book—to summarize the ecological and socioeconomic impacts of non-native species on a wide range of ecosystem services in order to provide a comprehensive description across the five kingdoms of life and all types of ecosystems. After this introduction, the remainder of the book is laid out in four main parts, followed by a concluding chapter. Each of these four parts takes on one of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment’s types of ecosystem services, with a section on the impacts of non-native species on provisioning ecosystem services (the...

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