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, Volume 40, Issue 2, pp 297–301 | Cite as

Electrocoagulation of olive mill wastewaters to enhance biogas production

  • Fatiha Sounni
  • Halah Aissam
  • Oumaima Ghomari
  • Mohammed Merzouki
  • Mohammed Benlemlih
Original Research Paper



To assess the combination of electrocoagulation and anaerobic co-digestion of olive mill wastewaters (OMWW) with other substrates, such as chicken manure, in a continuous stirred tank reactor for biogas production.


Anaerobic digestion of OMWW treated by electrocoagulation allowed higher production of biogas, up to 0.74 l biogas g−1 COD introduced compared to untreated or diluted olive mill wastewaters (OMWW) (0.37 and 0.6 l biogas g−1 COD) respectively. Pretreated OMWW co-digested with chicken manure at different volumic ratios OMWW/manure in a continuous stirred tank reactor under mesophilic conditions revealed that OMWW/manure (7:3 v/v) was optimal for biogas production and process stability.


Anaerobic digestion could achieve promising results in depollution and valorization of OMWW under a continuous stirred tank reactor.


Anaerobic digestion Biogas Chicken manure Electrocoagulation Olive mill wastewaters 


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  1. 1.Biotechnology Laboratory, Faculty of Sciences Dhar El MahrazUniversity Sidi Mohammed Ben AbdellahFezMorocco

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