Spatial Organization of the Transport of Interstitial Fluid and Lymph in Rat Liver (Scanning Electron Microscopy of Injection Replicas)

Using the method of scanning electron microscopy of injection replicas, we studied the movement of a new injection mass between the blood microcirculation system, interstitial space, lymphatic system, and bile transport system in rat liver under normal conditions and 3 days after the occlusion of the common bile duct. The casts of the perisinusoidal spaces of Disse’s after injection of the injection mass through the portal vein and common bile duct were obtained. Their direct transition not only in “leakages” structurally related to lymphatic capillaries in interlobular spaces, but also in perivascular spaces around the portal and hepatic veins. The flow of the injection mass through the perivascular spaces leads to the formation of peculiar “sheaths” around hepatic veins and components of the portal complex. The proposed approach allows effective visualization of the structural basis of interaction of various compartments of the fluid microcirculation in the liver under normal and pathological conditions.

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Correspondence to S. A. Gusev.

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Translated from Byulleten’ Eksperimental’noi Biologii i Meditsiny, Vol. 170, No. 9, pp. 395-400, September, 2020

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  • liver
  • injection replicas
  • lymphatic circulation
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