Features of Remodeling of Prostate Stroma in Chronic Abacterial Prostatitis

We performed a complex morphological study of biopsy samples of prostate gland from 30 men (mean age 46±11 years) with chronic abacterial prostatitis who were exposed unfavorable anthropogenic factors. The ultrastructural heterogeneity of smooth muscle cells was shown, among which cells with destructive changes in organelles predominated, solitary cells with signs of secretory function were revealed. Most endothelial cells in microvessels were characterized by low pinocytotic activity, destruction of organelles; focal hyperplastic ultrastructural changes were noted in some endotheliocytes. Along with fibroblasts, the stroma contained single mast cells; no inflammatory infiltration was revealed. The results of the study attested to complex mechanisms of remodeling of the prostate gland stroma in chronic abacterial prostatitis involving microvessels, smooth muscle cells, and probably mast cells, which determines the development of degenerative, destructive, and fibrotic processes.

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  • chronic abacterial prostatitis
  • prostate stroma
  • smooth muscle cells
  • endothelial cells
  • ultrastructure