Rotational cross sections and rate coefficients of \(\mathrm{CP}(\mathrm{X}^{2}\varSigma ^{+})\) induced by its collision with \(\mathrm{He}(^{1}S)\) at low temperature

  • Théophile Tchakoua
  • Mama Pamboundom
  • Berthelot Said Duvalier Ramlina Vamhindi
  • Serge Guy Nana Engo
  • Ousmanou Motapon
  • Mama Nsangou
Original Article


The potential energy surface (PES) for the \(\mathrm{CP}(\mathrm{X}^{2}\varSigma^{+})\)-\(\mathrm{He}(^{1}S)\) complex has been calculated at the RCCSD(T)-F12/VTZ-F12 level of theory. The analytic fit of the PES was obtained by using global analytical method. The fitted PES was used subsequently in the close-coupling approach for the computation of the state-to-state collisional excitation cross sections of the fine-structure levels of the CP-He complex. Collision energies were taken up to 1500 cm−1 and they yield after thermal averaging, state-to-state rate coefficients up to 200 K. The propensity rules between the lowest fine-structure levels were studied. These rules show, on one hand, a strong propensity in favour of even \(\Delta N\) transitions, and the other hand, that cross sections and collisional rate coefficients for \(\Delta j =\Delta N\) transitions are larger than those for \(\Delta j\neq \Delta N\) transitions.


Potential energy surface Inelastic rotational collision Cross sections Collisional rate coefficients Close coupling CCSD(T)-F12 



The authors are grateful to Dr. D. Ben Abdallah of the Laboratory LSAMA of the University Tunis El Manar, for fruitful discussions and advices. They are also grateful to the Center for Atomic Molecular and Quantum Optics (CEPAMOQ, University of Douala, Cameroon) for providing some computational resources.

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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.National Radiation Protection Agency of CameroonYaoundeCameroon
  2. 2.Department of Physics, Faculty of ScienceUniversity of NgaoundereNgaoundereCameroon
  3. 3.LPF, DFU Mathematics, Applied Computer Science and Fundamental PhysicsUniversity of DoualaDoualaCameroon
  4. 4.Higher Teacher’s Training CollegeThe University of MarouaMarouaCameroon

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