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Static deformation of a multilayered one-dimensional hexagonal quasicrystal plate with piezoelectric effect



Quasicrystals (QCs) are sensitive to the piezoelectric (PE) effect. This paper studies static deformation of a multilayered one-dimensional (1D) hexagonal QC plate with the PE effect. The exact closed-form solutions of the extended displacement and traction for a homogeneous piezoelectric quasicrystal (PQC) plate are derived from an eigensystem. The general solutions for multilayered PQC plates are then obtained using the propagator matrix method when mechanical and electrical loads are applied on the top surface of the plate. Numerical examples for several sandwich plates made up of PQC, PE, and QC materials are provided to show the effect of stacking sequence on phonon, phason, and electric fields under mechanical and electrical loads, which is useful in designing new composites for engineering structures.


quasicrystal (QC) piezoelectric (PE) effect multilayered plate exact solution static deformation 

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52C23 74K20 74B05 


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