Refractory severe idiopathic systemic capillary leak syndrome successfully treated with bevacizumab: a case report

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The authors are grateful to Nikki Sabourin-Gibbs (English native speaker), Rouen University Hospital, for her help in editing the manuscript and to Nicolas Perzo, Normandie University, Inserm U1096, for the measurement of VEGF-A plasma level. The authors are grateful to Vincent Richard and Ebba Brakenhielm from the Inserm U1096 Unit for their help in decision process and VEGF measurement, and to Fabien Doguet from the Rouen hospital cardiac surgery unit.


No dedicated funding was obtained for this work.

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Correspondence to E. Besnier.

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The authors declare no competing interest for this work.

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The patient allow the authors to publish anonymous data from her medical file.

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