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Gluing constructions amongst constant mean curvature hypersurfaces in \({\mathbb {S}^{n+1}}\)

  • Adrian ButscherEmail author
Original Paper


Four constructions of constant mean curvature (CMC) hypersurfaces in \({\mathbb {S}^{n+1}}\) are given, which should be considered analogues of ‘classical’ constructions that are possible for CMC hypersurfaces in Euclidean space. First, Delaunay-like hypersurfaces, consisting roughly of a chain of hyperspheres winding multiple times around an equator, are shown to exist for all the values of the mean curvature. Second, a hypersurface is constructed which consists of two chains of spheres winding around a pair of orthogonal equators, showing that Delaunay-like hypersurfaces can be fused together in a symmetric manner. Third, a Delaunay-like handle can be attached to a generalized Clifford torus of the same mean curvature. Finally, two generalized Clifford tori of equal but opposite mean curvature of any magnitude can be attached to each other by symmetrically positioned Delaunay-like ‘arms’. This last result extends Butscher and Pacard’s doubling construction for generalized Clifford tori of small mean curvature.


Geometric analysis Constant mean curvature hypersurfaces Gluing Nonlinear elliptic partial differential equations 


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