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SU(3)-manifolds of cohomogeneity one

  • Andrea GambioliEmail author
Original Paper


In this article, we classify 7- and 8-dimensional manifolds M admitting an SU(3) action of cohomogeneity one such that (i) M is simply connected and the orbit space M/G is isomorphic to [0, 1], and (ii) \({M/G\cong S^{1}}\) and the principal orbits are simply connected. We discuss applications to the study of the group manifold SU(3) and to 8-dimensional quaternion-Kähler spaces, and links between dimension 7 and 8 given by circle actions.


G-manifolds Cohomogeneity one Special geometries 

Mathematical Subject Classification (2000)

57S25 22E46 57S15 53C30 53C26 58D05 


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