Adsorption equilibrium isotherms and thermodynamic analysis of CH4, CO2, CO, N2 and H2 on NaY Zeolite


Adsorption capacities of CH4, CO2, CO, N2 and H2 on NaY zeolite were measured at 298 K, 318 K, 338 K and 358 K with pressure ranged from 0 to 10 bar. The order of adsorption capacity was CO2 ≫ CH4 > CO > N2 ≫ H2. The experiment data were fitted by the Langmuir, Toth and Sips equations. The fitting relativity of above models were also compared. Moreover, the isosteric heat of adsorption were calculated by the Clausius–Clapeyron equation, the results showed that the adsorption heat of CO2 is the largest (41.89764 kJ/mol with adsorption loading of 5.8 mmol/g) and that of H2 is the smallest. Finally, the selectivity of binary mixture was predicted according to the IAS theory.

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