Measurement of competitive \(\text {CO}_{2}\) and \(\text {H}_{2}\text {O}\) adsorption on zeolite 13X for post-combustion \(\text {CO}_{2}\) capture


The adsorption isotherms of water on Zeochem zeolite 13X were measured from 22 to 100 \(^{\circ }\text {C}\) and 0 to \(2.1\times 10^{-2}\) bar using volumetry and gravimetry. The equilibrium data was fit to a dual-site Langmuir isotherm. A series of single component H2O dynamic column breakthrough experiments were measured on zeolite 13X at \( 22\,^{\circ }\text {C}\) and 0.97 bar. These breakthrough experiments were modeled and simulated with our built in-house adsorption simulator. The simulator predicted composition and thermal breakthrough behavior well for all single component experiments. Competitive \(\text {CO}_{2}\)/\(\text {H}_{2}\text {O}\) breakthrough experiments were then performed at \( 22\,^{\circ }\text {C}\) and 0.99 bar. The collected equilibrium data showed up to a 98% loading reduction for \(\text {CO}_{2}\) (compared to the single component loading) for \(\approx \) 74.4% RH while \(\text {H}_{2}\text {O}\) showed no reduction compared to its single component loading. The binary equilibrium isotherms were described by an explicit water-loading adjusted dual-site Langmuir isotherm.

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b :

Adsorption equilibrium constant for site 1 (m\(^{3}\) mol\(^{-1}\))

c :

Fluid phase concentration (mol m\(^{-3}\))

\(C_\text {p}\) :

Heat capacity (J mol\(^{-1}\) K\(^{-1}\))

d :

Adsorption equilibrium constant for site 2 (m\(^{3}\) mol\(^{-1}\))

D :

Diffusivity (m\(^2\) s\(^{-1}\))

h :

Heat transfer coefficient (W m\(^{-2}\) K\(^{-1}\))

\(\Delta H\) :

Heat of adsorption (J mol\(^{-1}\))

k :

Mass transfer coefficient (s\(^{-1}\))

K :

Thermal conductivity (W m\(^{-1}\) K\(^{-1}\))

L :

Length (m)

m :

Adsorbent mass (kg)

n :

Number of species (-)

p :

Partial pressure (bar)

P :

Total pressure (bar)

q :

Solid phase loading (mol kg\(^{-1}\))

\(q^*\) :

Equilibrium solid phase loading (mol kg\(^{-1}\))

Q :

Outlet volumetric flow rate (m\(^3\) s\(^{-1}\))

r :

Radius (m)

R :

Universal gas constant (Pa m\(^{3}\) mol\(^{-1}\) K\(^{-1}\))

t :

Time (s)

\({\bar{t}}\) :

Dimensionless time (-)

T :

Temperature (K)

\(\Delta U\) :

Internal energy (J mol\(^{-1}\))

v :

Interstitial velocity (m s\(^{-1}\))

V :

Volume (m\(^{3}\))

y :

Mole fraction (-)

z :

Axial direction (m)

\(\alpha\) :

Modified DSL saturation constant (kg mol\(^{-1}\))

\(\beta\) :

Modified DSL nonlinearity constant (kg mol\(^{-1}\))

\(\epsilon\) :

Bed voidage (-)

\(\mu\) :

Viscosity (Pa s\(^{-1}\))

\(\rho\) :

Adsorbent density (kg m\(^{-3}\))

\(\tau\) :

Tortuosity (-)


Adsorbed phase


Solid and fluid phase accumulation


Adsorbent or adsorption






Bed or column








Fluid phase


Index of species




Inlet or internal


Index of species


Length or low




Outlet or external




Solid phase


Ultimate saturation






Axial direction




Carbon capture and storage


Dynamic column breakthrough


Dual-site Langmuir isotherm


Department of energy


Mass flow controller


Mass flow meter


Mass spectrometer


Perfect negative pairing


Perfect positive pairing


Pressure-swing adsorption


Pressure transducer


Differential pressure transducer


Relative humidity


Relative humidity meter


Thermogravimetric analysis




Virial excess mixing coefficient


Vacuum-swing adsorption


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Funding support from the Canada Foundation for Innovation John R. Evans Leaders Fund Project Number 33801 and Canada First Excellence Fund through University of Alberta Future Energy Systems are acknowledged. We thank Zeochem for providing samples of the zeolite 13X used in this study.

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  • Dynamic column breakthrough
  • Post-combustion
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Water
  • Zeolite 13X
  • Adsorption