Review of Robotic Needle Guide Systems for Percutaneous Intervention

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Numerous research groups in the past have designed and developed robotic needle guide systems that improve the targeting accuracy and precision by either providing a physical guidance for manual insertion or enabling a complete automated intervention. Here we review systems that have been reported in the last 11 years and limited to straight line needle interventions. Most systems fall under the category of image guided systems as they either use magnetic resonance image, computed tomography, ultrasound or a combination of these modalities for real time image feedback of the intervention path being followed. Actuation and control technology along with materials used for construction are the main aspects that differentiate these systems from each other and have been reviewed here. Image compatibility test details and results are also reviewed as they are used to ensure proper functioning of these systems under the respective imaging environments. We have also reviewed needle guide systems which either don’t use any image feedback or have not reported any but provide physical guidance. Throughout this paper, we provide a comprehensive review of the technological aspects and trends in the field of robotic, straight line, needle guide intervention systems.

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