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In This Issue

Clean Cooking Solutions

In countries where most people use solid fuels like wood and charcoal for cooking, switching to cleaner fuels like liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) could generate significant health and environmental benefits. Petachet al. start off the Clean Cooking Solutions Special Feature by setting the context of this important environmental health issue. The articles in this special feature summarize lessons on promoting clean fuels in developing countries, and highlight important considerations for clean cooking programs to achieve universal use of clean fuel. Abdulaiet al. examine supply- and demand-side factors influencing LPG stove adoption in Northern Ghana. Popeet al. follow up, presenting the LACE census surveys, developed to understand barriers and enablers for, and local interventions to support, adoption and sustained use of LPG, and identified wood and LPG as dominant fuels in rural and peri-urban communities, respectively, with most LPG using households. Thompsone...

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