Preparation and Application of Partially Substituted Phenylcarbamate-(3-(2-O-β-cyclodextrin)-2-hydroxypropoxy)-propylsilyl-Appended Silica Particles as Chiral Stationary Phase for Multi-mode HPLC


A new type of partially substituted cyclodextrin-bonded silica particles, phenylcarbamate-(3-(2-O-β-cyclodextrin)-2-hydroxypropoxy)-propylsilyl-appended silica (P-CD-HPS), has been successfully prepared and used as chiral stationary phase (CSP) in high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) under normal-phase, reversed-phase, and polar organic mobile-phase conditions. The P-CD-HPS was characterized by elemental analysis and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopic (FTIR) analysis. The chromatographic performance of the new-phase P-CD-HPS has been evaluated in HPLC under multi-mode conditions via separating positional isomers of some disubstituted benzenes and enantiomers of some chiral drug compounds. The separation results show that P-CD-HPS exhibited excellent selectivity for separating the positional isomers of nitrophenol and nitraniline and the enantiomers of some chiral drug compounds. The hydroxyl residues of partially substituted β-cyclodextrin and chiral spacer linking to secondary hydroxyl site of the β-cyclodextrin in the P-CD-HPS not only have important contributions to chiral recognitions and separations, but also allow the P-CD-HPS to be used under multi-mode mobile-phase conditions in HPLC.

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Phenylcarbamate-(3-(2-O-β-cyclodextrin)-2-hydroxypropoxy)-propylsilyl-appended silica


Chiral stationary phase


Fourier transform infrared spectroscopic analysis


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  • Chiral stationary phase
  • Partially substituted
  • β-Cyclodextrin
  • Phenylcarbamate
  • Chiral separation
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