Polymorphic microsatellites identified by cross-species amplifications in the European Coot Fulica atra


We tested the cross-amplification of 26 microsatellites developed for passerines and an additional three developed for Gallinula species in eight European Coots from two populations. Sixteen microsatellite markers successfully amplified, of which nine were polymorphic with 2–6 alleles (mean 3.7 alleles) and an expected heterozygosity (H e) ranging from 0.375 to 0.805 (mean H e = 0.589). On average, we found 2.22 alleles/locus and a mean H e of 0.440 in one nest, and 2.56 alleles/locus and a mean H e of 0.494 in the other one. These nine polymorphic markers could be of potential use in studies of genetic variability, population structure and reproductive strategy of European Coots.

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Financial support by the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research-UFZ. M. Richard and the Laboratoire d’Ecologie kindly provided the 26 passerine primers and J.C. Buchan the sequences of the Gallinula primers. We also thank K. Henle, K. Schirmer, N. Stetefeld, W. Durka and S. Lampa.

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  • Coot
  • Fulica atra
  • Microsatellite
  • Cross-amplification