Aphis gossypii Glover is a vector of citrus yellow vein clearing virus


Yellow vein clearing disease of citrus, associated with citrus yellow vein clearing virus (CYVCV), is transmitted by Aphis spiraecola, A. crassivora, and Dialeurodes citri and spreading quickly in Asia and the Near East. Because A. gossypii is common in affected orchards, adults were tested as vectors with either a 24-h acquisition access period (AAP) on infected sour orange then a 24-h inoculation access period (IAP) on virus-free seedlings, or a 48-h AAP/48-h IAP. After 3 months, 63.3% of the seedlings were infected after the 24-h/24-h IAP/AAP, 66.7% after the 48-h/48-h IAP/AAP. This is the first report of CYVCV transmission by Aphis gossypii.

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This work was supported by Çukurova University under the research grant FDK-2018-11365.

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