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Chitosan nanoparticles preparation and applications



Shell fish processing industry is very common in coastal areas. While processing, only the meat is taken, the head and shells are discarded as waste. On an average, the sea food industry produces 80,000 tons of waste per year. The sheer amount of waste makes degradation a slow process causing accumulation of waste over a period of time. A very simple and effective solution to this environmental hazard is the recycling of shell waste to commercially viable products like chitin. Chitosan is the N-acetyl derivative of chitin obtained by N-deacetylation. Chitosan is widely used in food and bioengineering industries for encapsulation of active food ingredients, enzyme immobilization, as a carrier for controlled drug delivery, in agriculture as a plant growth promoter. Chitosan is also a defense elicitor and an antimicrobial agent. Chitosan has interesting properties such as biodegradability, biocompatibility, bioactivity, nontoxicity and polycationic nature. This review presents structural characteristics and physicochemical properties of chitosan. The methods of preparation of chitosan nanoparticles are detailed. Applications of chitosan nanoparticles are discussed. Applications include drug delivery, encapsulation, antimicrobial agent, plant growth-promoting agent and plant protector.


Chitin Chitosan Chitosan nanoparticles Antimicrobial action Agriculture 


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