On functions having coincident p-norms

  • Giuliano KlunEmail author


In a measure space \((X,{\mathcal {A}},\mu )\), we consider two measurable functions \(f,g:E\rightarrow {\mathbb {R}}\), for some \(E\in {\mathcal {A}}\). We prove that the property of having equal p-norms when p varies in some infinite set \(P\subseteq [1,+\infty )\) is equivalent to the following condition:
$$\begin{aligned} \mu (\{x\in E:|f(x)|>\alpha \})=\mu (\{x\in E:|g(x)|>\alpha \})\quad \text { for all } \alpha \ge 0. \end{aligned}$$


Lebesgue integrable functions \({\mathcal {L}}^p\)-norms Mellin transform 

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The author wishes to warmly thank Giovanni Alessandrini for his precious help, and Gianni Dal Maso, Daniele Del Santo, Alessandro Fonda and Sergio Vesnaver for the useful discussions and suggestions. I am also very grateful to the anonymous referee for pointing out some gaps in the proofs and suggesting several improvements.


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  1. 1.Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi AvanzatiTriesteItaly

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