Correction to: Fedor Krause (1857–1937): the father of neurosurgery

The Original Article was published on 07 November 2019

Correction to: Neurosurgical Review

The original version of this article contained errors in the caption of fig. 3.

It was corrected in the following way: Fig. 3a) “retrosigmoid approach” to “wide retrosigmoid approach”; Fig. 3b) citation [1] replaced by citation [8]; Fig. 3c) “Subtemporal approach” to “Subtemporal extradural approach”.

The original article has been corrected

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Correspondence to Susanna Bacigaluppi.

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Bacigaluppi, S., Bragazzi, N.L. & Martini, M. Correction to: Fedor Krause (1857–1937): the father of neurosurgery. Neurosurg Rev 44, 617 (2021).

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