Table 1 Baseline characteristics of the total Proregal cohort

From: Accuracy of upper endoscopies with random biopsies to identify patients with gastric premalignant lesions who can safely be exempt from surveillance

  Proregal cohort (n = 334)
Gender (male, %) 48.7
Age (median, IQR) 60 (11)
H. pylori positive (histology) 103 (31)
Follow-up months (median, IQR) 48 (24)
Most severe lesion recent endoscopya
 OLGIM 0 123 (36)
 OLGIM I 55 (16)
 OLGIM II 81 (24)
 OLGIM III 51 (15)
 OLGIM IV 9 (3)
Lesions requiring treatment
 LGD 1
 HGD 2
 GC 4
High-risk features
 Persistent H. pylori infection 20
 Autoimmune gastritis 20
 First degree family history of GC 47
  1. H. pylori Helicobacter pylori; IQR inter quartile range; GC gastric cancer; HGD high-grade dysplasia; LGD low-grade dysplasia; OLGIM operative link on gastric intestinal metaplasia assessment; Proregal cohort total number of the prospective cohort that are or have been under surveillance for their gastric premalignant lesions
  2. aCapelle et al., Gastrointest Endosc., 2010 [31]