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Embeddings of Spherical Homogeneous Spaces

  • Jacopo Gandini


We review in these notes the theory of equivariant embeddings of spherical homogeneous spaces. Given a spherical homogeneous space G/H, the normal equivariant embeddings of G/H are classified by combinatorial objects called colored fans, which generalize the fans appearing in the classification of toric varieties and which encode several geometric properties of the corresponding variety.


Spherical varieties homogeneous spaces 

MR(2010) Subject Classification

14M27 14-02 14L30 


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am grateful to Michel Brion and Baohua Fu, both for the invitation and for organizing this workshop and the conference which followed it. I thank Johannes Hofscheier and Dmitry Timashev for helpful discussions, and especially Bart Van Steirteghem and the referee for several remarks and suggestions which improved these notes.


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