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Table 1 Inclusion criteria

From: Social vulnerability in three high-poverty climate change hot spots: What does the climate change literature tell us?

  Inclusion criteria
Relevance—theme Explicit reference to ‘vulnerability’, ‘exposure’, ‘sensitivity’, ‘adaptive capacity’, ‘resilience’ or ‘impacts’ of ‘climate variability/change/risk’ or specific types, e.g. flood
Explicit reference to ‘poor’ or ‘vulnerable’ populations (or related terms, e.g. ‘slum-dwellers’)
Substantive focus on social vulnerability
Relevance—hot spot Substantive discussion of the relevant hot spot
Names relevant regions, countries, or biophysical zones (e.g. ‘deltas’, ‘drylands’)
Focus on low- or middle-income countries
Quality The document is a research output, in the peer-reviewed literature or (for grey literature) published by a reputable source in the field of development or climate change
Publication date 2006 or later
Representation/saturation Borderline documents to be included if they address a geographical area or aspect of vulnerability, which is not otherwise well represented