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Optimization of IGCC gasification unit based on the novel simplified equilibrium model

  • Maojian Wang
  • Guilian LiuEmail author
  • Chi Wai HuiEmail author
Original Paper


The increasing pollutant emissions due to the development of science and technology creates tough challenges for the whole world. As one of the main causes, the utilization of solid fuels, like coal and biomass, has attracted the attentions of researchers. To alleviate this pollution, gasification technology is widely promoted in many fields of modern industry, especially in its application for Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) plant. Improving the simulation of gasifier is one of the most effective and essential ways to mature gasification technology. In this paper, a novel simplified equilibrium model is proposed for IGCC gasification unit. Through the analysis of gasification mechanism, Water Gas Shift Reaction (WGSR) is verified as the control step to determine the compositions of syngas. The simplified model based on the equilibrium of WGSR is proposed, developed and validated with experimental data. Furthermore, the sensitivity analysis is completed to demonstrate the influences of key factors on syngas compositions, such as reaction temperature, oxygen feed ratio and water feed ratio. Finally, the IGCC gasification unit operation conditions are optimized and the Cold Gas Efficiency is improved approximately 10% after optimization.


Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Gasification Equilibrium model Water Gas Shift Reaction 



Financial supports provided by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (U1662126) and (21476180) are gratefully acknowledged. RGC-GRF Grant No. 16211117 is gratefully acknowledged as well.


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  1. 1.Xi’an Jiao Tong UniversityXi’anChina
  2. 2.Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyKowloonHong Kong

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