Effects of ε-polylysine and rosemary extract on quality attributes and microbial communities in vacuum-packaged large yellow croaker (Pseudosciaena crocea) during ice storage


The effects of vacuum package combined with 0.1% ε-polylysine and 0.2% rosemary extract (V + RP) on the quality attributes and microbial communities of large yellow croaker (Pseudosciaena crocea) during ice storage were investigated. The quality was evaluated by chemical characteristics (total volatile basic nitrogen (TVB-N), K-value and biogenic amines (BAs)), microbiological indexes (Total viable counts (TVC), Shewanella bacteria counts, Pseudomonas bacteria counts, Psychrophilic bacteria counts (PBC)), changes in microbial composition were analyzed using high-throughput sequencing. Results showed that the increase of TVB-N, K-value, microorganisms and BAs could be inhibited by V + RP. Psychrobacter and Pseudomonas were detected in all samples. Shewanella increases rapidly in the middle of storage. Vagococcus and Shewanella were related to the decomposition of ATP, the formation of BAs, and TVB-N, respectively. In conclusion, V + RP presented the optimal effects, which could extend the shelf life of large yellow croaker for another 9 days compared with the control.

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The study was financially supported by China Agriculture Research System (CARS-47-G26), National Key R&D Program of China (2019YFD0901602), Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology project to enhance the capabilities of the platform (19DZ2284000)

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  • ε-polylysine
  • Rosemary extract
  • Vacuum packaging
  • Quality attribute
  • Microbial community