TNF inhibitor treating osseous sarcoidosis and dactylitis: case and literature review


A 49-year-old African American male with multiorgan sarcoidosis presented with recurrent episodes of dactylitis and arthritis. Imaging had shown sarcoid osseous involvement of both hands. This would improve temporarily with high-dose corticosteroids but once tapered, he would experience recurrent flares. Despite several different oral immunosuppressant regimens, significant improvement was only observed after the initiation of adalimumab. Not only was adalimumab successful in symptomatic relief, in addition, patient continues to be in remission with no recurrent episodes of dactylitis. Prednisone was successfully tapered from 40 to 3 mg daily. This improvement with TNF inhibitors has been reported with other manifestations of sarcoidosis including pulmonary and ocular involvements. Osseous sarcoidosis is a very rare presentation, and little information regarding treatment with TNF inhibitors is available. TNF inhibitors should be considered as the next-step therapy in resistant cases of osseous sarcoidosis and dactylitis not responding to corticosteroids and traditional immunosuppressant therapy.

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