Table 2 Frequency of occurrence, duration and reference water levels of the Pivka intermittent lakes and the superficial extent of the identified flood-liable land: data taken and harmonised from basic topographic maps (GURS 2020); Ravbar and Šebela 2004; Kovačič and Habič 2005; Petrič and Kogovšek 2005; Šajn 2009; Kirn 2016. The reference water levels for Palško Jezero and Petelinjsko Jezero are based on continuous measurement and a calculation of cumulative frequencies, and are consistent with information from the literature

From: Determination of inundation areas within karst poljes and intermittent lakes for the purposes of ephemeral flood mappingDétermination des zones d’inondation dans les poljés karstiques et les lacs intermittents aux fins de la cartographie des inondations éphémèresDeterminación de las zonas de inundación dentro de los poljes kársticos y los lagos intermitentes a los efectos de elaborar mapas de inundaciones efímeras确定喀斯特盆地和间歇性湖泊的洪水淹没范围以用于短期洪水测绘Determinação de áreas de inundação dentro de poljes cársticos e lagos intermitentes para fins de mapeamento de inundações efêmerasDoločanje poplavnih območij na kraških poljih in presihajočih jezerih za namene kartiranja občasnih poplav

Name of intermittent lake Average No. of days per year (and No. of lake-formation events per year) in the period Dec 2006 to Dec 2011a Reference water level (m asl) Area (ha)
Petelinjsko Jezero 136–151 (4× per year) 539 58.03
Palško Jezero 68–78 (5× per year) 555.4 106.96
Klensko Jezero (Jezero v Klenskem Dolu) 28–33 (2× per year) 546 2.89
Radohovsko Jezero 69–80 (4–5× per year) 535.5 0.80
Parsko Jezero 102–115 (5× per year) 539 2.71
Malo Drskovško Jezero 76–88 (4× per year) 541 5.60
Veliko Drskovško Jezero 78–90 (3× per year) 545 17.43
Malo Zagorsko Jezero 95–109 (5× per year) 546 4.32
Veliko Zagorsko Jezero 16–21 (2× per year) 550 2.81
Jezero za Gradom Kalc (Veliki Dol) 20–25 (1–2× per year) 555 1.61
Kljunov Ribnik 84–96 (5× per year) 550.2 0.09
Bačko Jezero 17–21 (1–2× per year) 562.5 3.35
Kalško Jezero 77–88 (5× per year) 554.7 6.34
Laneno Jezero No information, but at least one event lasting 10 days in the 5-year period NI NI
Šembijsko Jezero 7–9 (1× per year) NI NI
  1. aThe values in this column show the entire period in which the lake is present and not the period above the reference level
  2. NI not included