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Table 1 Selected demographic and sanitation indicators for Botswana and the study area populations for 2011

From: Complex interactions between climate change, sanitation, and groundwater quality: a case study from Ramotswa, BotswanaInteractions complexes entre changement climatique, assainissement et qualité des eaux souterraines: un cas d’étude à Ramotswa, BotswanaInteracciones complejas entre cambio climático, saneamiento y calidad del agua subterránea: un estudio de caso de Ramotswa, Botswana气候变化、卫生设施和地下水水质之间的复杂相互作用:博茨瓦纳拉莫茨瓦的一个研究案例Interações complexas entre mudanças climáticas, saneamento e qualidade das águas subterrâneas: estudo de caso de Ramotswa, Botswana

Parameter   Botswana Gaborone Ramotswa Lobatse
Demography Population size 2,024,904 231,592 30,382 29,689
Annual pop. growth rate (%) 2001–2011 1.9 2.5 3.9 −0.2
Average household size NA 3.1 4.3 3.1
Unemployment rate 2011 20 9.2 26.5 12.3
Sanitation stats in % of households Access to potable water piped indoors NA 58 37 42
Access to potable water piped outdoors NA 32 55 41
Access to flush toilet NA 50 38 36
Access to pit latrine 47 3 56 10
Source Statistics Botswana 2015b Statistics Botswana 2015b Statistics Botswana 2015a Statistics Botswana 2015b
  1. Maximum values per row of the three cities/towns are shown in italics. NA is “not applicable”