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Editor’s message: Editors’ Choice articles for 2011 and upcoming theme issues

Editor's Message


Editor’s message Hydrogeology Journal Editors’ Choice Theme issues 

Message de l’Editeur: Choix d’articles par l’Editeur pour 2011 et prochains thèmes à paraître

Mensaje del Editor: Artículos seleccionados por el Editor en 2011 y temas de los próximos números


Mensagem do Editor: A seleção de artigos pelo Editor em 2011 e opções temáticas para o futuro

2011 Editors’ Choice articles

“Editors’ Choice” articles are ones selected for special attention by the Hydrogeology Journal (HJ) editorial team and the Guest Editors of the year’s theme issue. These articles may be selected for any of several good reasons including: outstanding science, innovative approach, potentially important conclusions, interesting field area or phenomenon, unusual topic, political/social/historical/philosophical interest, etc. The HJ Editors believe that our readers would (or should!) find these articles to be somehow interesting or useful. At the conclusion of each publishing year, the Editors select up to five articles from among the year’s crop of about 150 published articles. Both authors and readers of the selected articles benefit because Editors’ Choice articles are: (1) highlighted on the International Association of Hydrogeologists’ (IAH) website and in the IAH newsletter, and (2) Springer Verlag, HJ’s publisher, makes these articles freely available on their website for full viewing and downloading at no cost to everyone.

The Editors’ Choice articles for the 2011 publishing year are given in Table 1. Congratulations to all of these authors!
Table 1

Editors’ Choice articles for 2011



Vol./No. Pages

Martin O. Saar

Review: Geothermal heat as a tracer of large-scale groundwater flow and as a means to determine permeability fields

19/1 31–52


Jean-Michel Lemieux

Review: The potential impact of underground geological storage of carbon dioxide in deep saline aquifers on shallow groundwater resources

19/4 757–778


P. B. McMahon, L. N. Plummer, J. K. Böhlke, S. D. Shapiro and S. R. Hinkle

A comparison of recharge rates in aquifers of the United States based on groundwater-age data

19/4 779–800


Yu Zhou, François Zwahlen and Yanxin Wang

The ancient Chinese notes on hydrogeology

19/5 1103–1114


Jerome Perrin, Shakeel Ahmed and Daniel Hunkeler

The effects of geological heterogeneities and piezometric fluctuations on groundwater flow and chemistry in a hard-rock aquifer, southern India

19/6 1189–1201

Upcoming HJ theme issues

The theme issue for 2012, on the subject of ‘economics of groundwater’, is almost complete and will appear as an upcoming issue of HJ. The Guest Editors are: Nicholas Brozović (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA), Petra Hellegers (Wageningen University, Netherlands), Ejaz Qureshi (CSIRO, Australia), and Peter Reinelt (State University of New York at Fredonia, USA).

The HJ theme issue for 2013, on the subject of ‘hydrogeology of cold regions’, is being organized by Guest Editors: Larry Hinzman (International Arctic Research Center at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, USA), Ming-ko Woo (McMaster University, Canada), and Georgia Destouni (Stockholm University, Sweden). The invited authors will be submitting their articles over the next few months and the issue is scheduled to appear early in 2013.

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