Evaluation of visual image for remotely controlled ship

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In recent years, automation technology for navigation support is widely accepted not only in the automotive industry but also in the maritime industry. Particularly, the research related to autonomous and remotely controlled ships has become the major topic in the maritime field. At Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology (TUMSAT), the research for the operation of remotely controlled ships has been started since 2015. In this paper, we report the results of experiments on the image evaluation method required for the remote-control system using wireless communication. The remote-control system is required to install sensors that replace merchant marines’ visual, hearing and other means in manned ship. The camera image is a substitutable method for the merchant marines’ vision and is thought to be one of the most necessary information for the operator of the land station who carries out remote ship maneuvering.

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    The article Evaluation of visual image for remotely controlled ship, written by Ai Hoshino, Ayako Umeda, Takumi Nishina, Hidemasa Kimura, Katsuya Hakozaki, Tsuyoshi Ode and Etsuro Shimizu, was originally published electronically on the publisher’s internet portal (currently SpringerLink) on 27 January 2020 with open access.


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