Advanced sulfur cathode with polymer gel coating absorbing ionic liquid-containing electrolyte


Novel gel coating consisting of a multifunctional polymer composite membrane as skeleton and an ionic liquid (IL)-containing electrolyte as plasticizer was introduced on the top of sulfur cathode. The effects of introduction of the IL on the basic properties of the electrolyte and gelatinous membrane and electrochemical performances of lithium sulfur battery were investigated. It is found that moderate amount of the IL is conducive to the improvement of ionic conductivity and dissolution restriction of polysulfides in the electrolyte. The composite membrane absorbing the IL-containing electrolyte for gelation sustains favorable porous architecture. As a result, the coated sulfur cathode with the IL modified electrolyte for building the surface gel coating exhibits increased reversible capacity, improved cycle stability, and rate capability, which is distinctly superior to the counterpart employing the pristine electrolyte without the IL.

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The work is supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant Nos. 51704222 and 51604221).

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  • Lithium sulfur battery
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