Table 6 Defence of the research approach’s validity

From: Robust requirements gathering for ontologies in smart water systems

Criteria Defence
Statement of research philosophy A pragmatist stance was adopted, utilising aspects of positivism in a broadly interpretivist approach
Good documentation Many diagrams and documents were produced, totalling 394 delivered pages on the requirements capture methodology and outcome
Use of complementary techniques As well as a pure action-research approach, several surveys were conducted to answer “what” questions, and empirical enquiries were conducted into the suitability of alternative technologies at several points. For brevity, these aspects are not reported here
Production of a parsimonious, testable, and logically coherent theory The resultant theory can be simplified to the following, which meets these criteria: ‘Developing smart water ontologies following a requirements elicitation approach which is jointly owned by domain experts, ontology experts, and software engineers, leads to artefacts which provide more value over their lifetimes’