Table 1 Comparison of relevant existing semantic models

From: Robust requirements gathering for ontologies in smart water systems

Acronym/name Description Author # Entities Date
SWIM Device level IoT semantic model for the water industry Aquamatix 41 2016
WaterML2 Common format for exchange of hydrological time series data OGC 131 2014
INSPIRE Water Utility Network Data Model The INSPIRE directive is establishing an infrastructure for spatial information exchange in Europe, resulting in data models for many application domains, including utility networks, of which water and sewer networks are a subset EC 68 2013
WatERP Lightweight ontology of generic concepts for water sensing and management EURECAT 25 classes 2013
Water data transfer format Format for transferring flood warning and forecasting data to the governing body Australian Bureau of Meterology 337 2013
Water Innovation Thesaurus Aims to facilitate collaboration for water innovation by establishing and highlighting recognised terminology and providing clear definitions for these as well as demonstrating the relationships between terms EIP Water 548 2013
CityGML UtilityADE CityGML ADE for the modelling of utility networks in 3d city models, based on topology and component descriptions OGC 317 2012
SWEET Middle-level ontology for environmental terminology NASA 6000 2011
Hydrologic Ontology for Discovery Supports the discovery of time series hydrologic data collected at a fixed point CUAHSI 4098 2010
HydrOntology Aims to integrate data sources regarding hydrographical information from a civil engineering or town planning perspective and a top-down methodology Vilches-Blázquez et al 250 2009