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β-Lactoglobulin as source of bioactive peptides

  • B. Hernández-Ledesma
  • I. Recio
  • L. Amigo
Review Article


β-Lactoglobulin (β-Lg) is currently an important source of biologically active peptides. These peptides are inactive within the sequence of the precursor protein, but they can be released by in vivo or in vitro enzymatic proteolysis. Once released, these peptides play important roles in the human health, including antihypertensive, antioxidant and antimicrobial activities as well as opioid-like features and ability to decrease the body-cholesterol levels. Bioactive peptides derived from β-Lg are currently a point of intensive research. Their structure, biological significance and mechanism of action are briefly presented and discussed in this review.

Keywords: β-Lactoglobulin – Bioactive peptides – Physiological activity 


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