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Elhanan Helpman: Globalization and inequality

Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass., London, 2018, Hardcover, 232 pp, 24,50€
  • Benjamin JungEmail author
Book Review

In his book, Elhanan Helpman investigates the effects of increasing economic integration on within-country inequality. By globalization, he predominantly means increased international trade and offshoring, touching upon capital flows and migration only in passing. Regarding inequality, Helpman focuses on inequality in pretax labor income, leaving other sources of income like capital income and redistribution issues aside. Unemployment does not play a prominent role in the book. In the first part, inequality is mainly operationalized as the gap in wages earned by high-skilled and low-skilled workers, whereas in the second part, also more than two types of workers as well as inequality of the same type of worker across geographic regions and firms are considered. The primary focus is on the relatively recent years since the 1980s, although the introductory chapter also presents some long-run trends in globalization and income inequality.

The book is built on material presented in the...



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