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Schneider Henrique: Creative destruction and the sharing economy: Uber as disruptive innovation

Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham, UK, 2017, 141 pp, Hardback, £60.00
  • Ulrich Schwalbe
Book Review

In the last couple of years, new technologies like smartphones, GPS, mobile internet or online payment systems gave rise to the innovative business model of peer-to-peer platforms that enable transactions between members of different groups of consumers. These transactions mostly relate to durable consumer goods that often are severely underutilized. These platforms enable different consumers to use the same durable good, like a car or a flat and are thus considered as an integral part of the so-called sharing economy or collaborative consumption. There have been attempts to solve this economic problem before, e.g. in form of agencies for short-term letting (Mitwohnzentrale) or car-sharing agencies (Mitfahrzentrale), but due to high transaction costs, these companies were only operating on very limited scale. As technological developments have significantly decreased the transaction costs, these business models have scaled up in an unprecedented way and became within a short time most...

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