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Wave attenuation and negative refraction of elastic waves in a single-phase elastic metamaterial

  • Sheng Sang
  • Eric Sandgren
  • Ziping Wang
Original Paper


In this paper, we propose and study a single-phase elastic metamaterial with periodic chiral local resonator, which is composed of cylindrical central core surrounded by evenly distributed ligaments and embedded in the matrix in a square lattice. Based on the analytical and numerical analysis, we prove that the translational resonance of the unit cell can lead to negative effective mass density, and the rotational resonance of it can produce negative effective modulus. They can also work together to generate double-negative effective material properties. The wave attenuation of elastic waves in this elastic metamaterial is also demonstrated, which is owing to the negative effective mass density. In addition, the damping of the base material is also considered in the simulation. We finally examine the existence of negative band, and this leads to the physics of negative refraction, which is induced by simultaneous translational and rotational resonance of the unit cell. Our work can serve as the theoretical foundation for the design of single-phase elastic metamaterials.


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We appreciate the financial support from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grants No. 11402101).


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of System EngineeringUniversity of Arkansas at Little RockLittle RockUSA
  2. 2.Faculty of Civil Engineering and MechanicsJiangsu UniversityZhenjiangChina

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