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Synthesis of fungicidally active succinate dehydrogenase inhibitors with novel difluoromethylated heterocyclic acid moieties

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Novel fungicidally active succinate dehydrogenase inhibitors have been prepared, which either carry a difluoromethyl and methyl-bearing pyrazoline, pyrrole, or thiophene ring in the acid component, mimicking similar-substituted pyrazole carboxamides. As five-membered heterocyclic systems with such a special substitution pattern are barely known, unique synthesis routes had to be developed, which rely, e.g., on the van Leusen pyrrole synthesis and the halogen dance reaction. Synthesis and biological activity against selected Ascomycete pathogens of these difluoromethylated pyrazoline, pyrrole, and thiophene derivatives are reported.

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Fungicide Thiophene Pyrrole Pyrazoline Succinate dehydrogenase inhibitor 



We are grateful to S. Guelfi, D. Haerdi, R. Meisburger, and H.-P. Rothen for excellent technical assistance.


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  • Harald Walter
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  • Clemens Lamberth
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  • Camilla Corsi
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  1. 1.Chemical ResearchSyngenta Crop Protection AGSteinSwitzerland

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