Iron doped graphitic carbon nitride with peroxidase like activity for colorimetric detection of sarcosine and hydrogen peroxide


The successful synthesis is reported of Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu-doped g-C3N4 nanoflakes via a simple one-step pyrolysis method, respectively. Among them, the Fe-doped g-C3N4 nanoflakes exhibited the highest peroxidase-like activity, which can be used for colorimetric detection of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and sarcosine (SA), within the detection ranges of 2–100 μM and 10–500 μM and detection limits of 1.8 μM and 8.6 μM, respectively. The catalytic mechanism of the Fe-doped g-C3N4 nanoflake was also explored and verified the generation of hydroxyl radical (•OH) through fluorescence method. It is believed that the Fe-doped g-C3N4 nanoflakes as enzyme mimics will greatly promote the practical applications in a variety of fields in the future including biomedical science, environmental governance, antibacterial agent, and bioimaging due to their extraordinary catalytic performance and stability.

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This work was supported by the General Project Program of the Natural Science Foundation of Hubei Province (no. 2017CFB529), the National Natural Science Foundation of China (grant no. 21405035, 21775033), and the Open Project Funding of the State Key Laboratory of Biocatalysis and Enzyme Engineering.

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