Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering

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Effects of High Temperature on the Mechanical Properties of Chinese Marble

  • Zhen-nan Zhu
  • Hong Tian
  • Guo-sheng Jiang
  • Wan Cheng
Technical Note


With the increasing tendency of rock engineering applications to involve high temperatures, such as deep geological disposal of nuclear waste (Salama et al. 2015; Verma et al. 2015; Ye et al. 2016) and exploitation of geothermal resources (Sigurvinssona et al. 2007; Gelet et al. 2013; Zeng et al. 2013), research on the mechanical properties of rocks under/after exposure to high temperature has again attracted great attention. The rock material, a typical porous medium, contains original micro-holes and micro-cracks. Under high-temperature conditions, mineral thermal expansion and reactions occur in a rock, leading to variations in rock physical and mineralogical characteristics (Tian et al. 2012, 2013; Ozguven and Ozcelik 2014), and causing extension of the primary micro-cracks and development of new ones inside the rock body (Ferrero and Marini 2001). Consequently, the rock mechanical properties (e.g., elastic modulus and uniaxial compressive strength) exhibit...



This work is jointly supported by National Science Foundation of China (Nos. 51541405, 41602374, and 41674180).


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