Flurbiprofen axetil for postoperative analgesia in upper abdominal surgery: a randomized, parallel controlled, double-blind, multicenter clinical study



To investigate the efficacy and safety of flurbiprofen axetil in postoperative analgesia in upper abdominal surgery.


This was a multicenter, randomized, positive drug parallel controlled double-blind clinical study. Patients undergoing upper abdominal surgery were randomly divided to receive flurbiprofen axetil or tramadol. The VAS pain scores at rest and on coughing (pulmonary function training) were assessed immediately before drug usage (T1) to evaluate the efficacy of postoperative analgesia. Repeat assessment of the VAS was performed after T1. The timing of the recovery of the gastrointestinal function and the preoperative and postoperative IL-6, cortisol, and blood glucose levels were recorded as secondary endpoints. Vital signs and the occurrence of adverse reactions were evaluated for the assessment of safety.


A total of 240 patients were enrolled in the current study; 119 used flurbiprofen axetil for postoperative analgesia. The VAS scores at rest and on coughing did not differ between the two groups to a statistically significant extent (P > 0.05). However, the reduction of the VAS score at rest in the flurbiprofen axetil group was greater than that in the tramadol group at 4–24 h after T1. The reduction of the VAS score on coughing at 8 h after T1 was greater in the flurbiprofen axetil group. The incidence of adverse reactions was significantly lower in the flurbiprofen axetil group, with only one adverse reaction recorded. In contrast, 18 adverse reactions were reported in the tramadol group.


Flurbiprofen axetil showed superior efficacy to tramadol in early postoperative analgesia after upper abdominal surgery. Flurbiprofen axetil was associated with a significantly lower incidence of adverse reactions in comparison to tramadol.

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