Clinical outcome of latissimus dorsi reconstruction after wide resection of soft-tissue sarcoma



We investigated the clinical outcomes of reconstruction using the latissimus dorsi (LD) flap after resection of soft-tissue sarcoma.

Materials and methods

We analyzed 19 patients. Free LD flap was performed in 11 patients and pedicle flap in eight patients. The mean follow-up period after the surgery was 60 months.


The mean age at diagnosis was 57 years. The mean tumor size was 9.8 cm. The median size of the LD flap was 140 × 100 mm. The mean surgical duration and bleeding were 510 min and 602 mL, respectively. Complications included partial skin and soft-tissue necrosis (n = 3) and wound dehiscence (n = 2). No additional free flap was not necessary for the closure of the defect due to the complications. The longer surgical duration was significantly associated with wound complications (P = 0.048). The 5-year survival rate was 80.7%, and the local recurrence-free survival rate was 89.2%. Two patients developed local recurrence, while 6 patients developed metastasis. None of the patients had any restrictions of daily life.


The LD flap after surgical tumor resection in patients with soft-tissue sarcoma was useful for the coverage of soft tissue.

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