Impact of IL-10 gene promoter -1082 (G/A) polymorphism in B cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia


Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) is the most prevalent leukemia among western population. Many interesting reports suggest the role of IL-10 polymorphisms in CLL oncogenesis. This study aimed to study the relation between IL-10 (rs1800896)-1082 (G/A) gene polymorphism and the risk of development of B cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia and its impact on the patient outcome. IL-10 (rs1800896)-1082 (G/A) gene polymorphism was assessed in fifty patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia as well as 50 age and sex-matched apparently healthy controls using polymerase chain reaction (PCR). The IL-10 (rs1800896) AG hetero, GG homo, AG + GG genotypes, and G allele showed significantly higher frequency (P > 0.001) in CLL cases when compared to control groups. The genotype AG + GG were significantly associated with advanced stages (P > 0.001), short time to first treatment (TFT) (P = 0.032), shorter progression free survival (PFS) (P = 0.044), and lower response to treatment (P = 0.003) as compared to wild genotype (AA wild). The IL-10 (rs1800896) genotypes (GG, AG) might have a role in the pathogenesis of CLL and have deleterious impact on the CLL patient’s outcome.

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